Industrial Biotech Network Norway (IBNN)

Jan Buch Andersen, Chairman and Acting Managing Director:
E-mail: janba[at]indbiotech[dot]no, mobile: +47 467 46 171

Invoicing address:
Foreningen Norsk Nettverk for Industriell Bioteknologi
att: Jan Buch Andersen, Stallovegen 22, 9016 Tromsø, Norway


Special Interest Groups

SIG Seaweed
Project manager, Jorunn Skjermo, SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture

SIG Microalgae
Project manager, Matilde Skogen Chauton, SINTEF Fisheries & Aquaculture


Life science clusters

Biotech North,

Elin Kolsvik, Cluster Manager, Biotech North office in Tromsø.
Email: elin[at]biotechnorth[dot]no, Phone: +47 908 24 702

Arena Heidner,

Anders Tveraaen Øfsti, Cluster Manager, Heidner office in Hamar.
E-mail: anders[at]hkp[dot]no, Phone: + 47 473 27 092



Oddvar Skarbo, Cluster manager, Legasea office in Ålesund.
E-mail: oddvar.skarbo[at]aakp[dot]no, Phone: +47 70 32 92 00


National contact points

Invest in Norway - investment promotion function within Innovation Norway, providing a wide range of services to help foreign companies to invest, establish, and to run their business in Norway.

The Research Council of Norway - the government’s agency responsible for awarding grants for research as well as promoting research and science.

Innovation Norway - the Norwegian government's official trade representative abroad.